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Friday, June 17, 2005
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream...
It's been such a long time since my last post, it's hardly fair to just jump in and recount the evening of peculiar dreams I had, but I uncovered a most surreal feeling when I sat down to type.

The dream I most want to talk about may be almost identical to a dream I wrote about on my former blog -- a blog I had to remove. And for almost 24 hours, I didn't remember that I basically already had this dream.

Now I need to go back into my printed-out archives (not having been intelligent enough to store them electronically), and hopefully I can uncover my former dream and compare it to the one from Wednesday night.

In order to save time, I won't tell this dream yet, but I'll update you on the status of life.

We have another work screening in Santa Barbara on Tuesday, and -- once again -- it overwhelms each of us at the office in different ways. I'm only presenting two pilots -- one was completed WEEKS in advance (a first for us) and the other will take up much of the upcoming weekend.

The condo is in that state where I finally cracked and called it "A fucking money pit and I wish we hadn't bought it," an exaggeration which was a) petulant; b) caustic; c) melodramatic; and d) enough to push Jerry to turn on his emergency Drew-Attitude-Brake-Alert (tm), a handy tool for those who deal with me frequently. (Sorry, not available for blood relatives.)

It's overwhelming because the place is physically a mess, with paint on the carpet, blinds that need to be ripped out of the walls, floors that need to be done, a kitchen that can't be redone inexpensively enough for us right now, and a kitchen sink that should be scrubbed with more bleach than any countertop in the history of countertops.

On top of that, in my stress mode (which seems to be my primary operating system now), I have been eating WAY more than I've been active. Which means -- I've gained weight, a common occurrence to me, but with the temperature rising, it only brings more discomfort to my slender frame.

Margaret is due to have her baby at ANY MINUTE (poor thing), and the day she does, Chloe will have us spend the night with her, something that considerably outweighs the fact that she'll have a new baby brother. The other day, out of sheer boredom, perhaps, she asked her Mom to have the baby that day, because she'd like Jerry to come over and "bring his video games." Priorities.

I'll write more about those dreams -- and high school friends -- and the disarming comfort of an embrace.

Thank God I see my shrink this morning.


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