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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Home Again (this time with a cold)
We've moved.

The moving cards are being printed; they'll be addressed next week; and we're still living out of boxes.

But, we've moved.

Leaving the old apartment where I spent 12 long years of my life was harder than I even thought it would be (and I was prepared for it to be hard), but once we got the furniture into the new place and I realized how much more room we had, it made the sting a little less painful.

It's still hard for me to drive home from work; my car seeming to automatically drive over to the old place -- and, sentimentally, I sometimes still drive past the parking garage, where I feel like my car gets wistful and wants to turn into it.

We left a few pieces of furniture in the place -- junk that was either too decrepit or too bulky to move on our own. And I wonder if the new people will keep it or be disgusted by it.

I also left a gift pack of CK ONE in the closet, simply because I can't even stand the thought of packing it, let alone wearing it like I used to. And I wonder what the new people will do with that.

In the move and the garage sale (which netted us about $300), a lot of dust was stirred up, which caused a terrible allergy attack -- which, in turn, sparked a nasty summer cold.

And you all know how fun it is to be sick when it's 100 degrees outside.


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