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Saturday, July 09, 2005
Moving Out
With great apologies for the lack of movement around here, I thought I'd just pop in for a moment to explain that the move to the new condo will finally take place this NEXT weekend. So, for lack of a better explanation, we're up to our eyeballs in packing boxes, packing tape, clutter, garbage and an ever-expanding pile for the sure-to-be-a-hit garage sale.

Super huge mad props go to the bf, who spent all of last week packing while I was either covering new TV show shoots, or spending a few days in NY, overseeing a troubled show that features 17 young girls living in a house together.

Having NEVER moved since I arrived in Los Angeles 12 years ago, you can only imagine the things I'm finding. (Jerry actually pointed out that I've spent MORE than 1/3 of my entire life dwelling in this humble wonder it's so hard to think of leaving it.) Unearthing some old photos brought back glorious memories -- and the realization that I'm actually getting old. (Looking at pictures where I could be classified as dangerously Lohan-esque make me pine for those old 29"-waisted pants. And to think I used to think I was fat...If I only knew where 12 years would take me...)

So, say a prayer that my mental faculties will hold up for just 10 more days...just long enough to clean out the old place and get the new place in moderately functioning order.

Goodbye, good old Sweetzer Avenue apartment. The memories you've given me are irreplaceable. Here's to the condo -- a mere 1.2 miles away. May it be filled with calmer, more peaceful memories.

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